PCM Construction Management: Peace Of Mind

Commercial construction projects are arguably one of the most risky endeavors for any business owner. To ensure success it is critical architectural designs be flawless, costs stay within budget and contractors deliver on quality and build to code with uncompromising adherence to safety.


All this risk and complexity demands you hire an expert firm who understands your business.


With PCM Construction Management you are not just hiring a construction manager; you are buying "Peace of Mind."


Rest assured your construction project will be expertly managed so completion will be on time, safe and within budget.


PCM Construction Management is dedicated to supporting your Return on Investment Goals.


Who We Are


PCM Construction Management is a true construction management firm servicing the needs of clients in New England and the Mid Atlantic states. Our team of associates has over $1 billion in collective construction management experience.

At the core of our success is our professional staff of superintendents, project managers, engineers, designers and support personnel who have been involved in creating some of the most recognizable structures in the Keystone state.


The project management team responsible for your project has over 60 years of collective experience and can provide on-demand advice, expert decision making and collaborative insight.


At PCM Construction Management our culture of excellence is reflected in our qualities.


- Pennsylvania Certified

- Experience Modification Rating (EMR) consistently exceeds industry safety standards

- Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Certified Staff

- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified Staff


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What We Offer - Satisfaction.

To ensure your complete satisfaction, in addition to Construction Management Services, we provide a number of other professional solutions:


Owner's Representative


Many businesses and organizations lack the time, staff and expertise to manage a large facility expansion, renovation or new construction. PCM Construction Management's team of design professionals, architects, engineers and consultants can effectively represent an owner's interests through every phase of any project.




As a true design-build firm, we can take your project from concept to final construction PCM Construction Management will work with you to define project goals, develop realistic budgets, and create architectural plans specifically designed to meet your needs.


Consulting / Feasibility Planning


Do you have a construction project in mind? Not sure how to proceed? Is it the right time to build? PCM Construction Management's knowledge of the entire construction process can help determine whether or not a project is feasible based on the parameters important to you. Budget is often an important factor, our ability to estimate construction costs even in the earliest planning stages can help avoid expensive oversights.


Building Inspections / Code Enforcement


PCM Construction Management is certified to provide "3rd Party" inspection services for municipalities in Pennsylvania without in-house capabilities. We also provide construction inspection services and project evaluations for banks and other funding agencies.


Solar Energy Projects


PCM Construction Management can help fund, plan, design and build your solar project. You will benefit from our strategic alliances with firms specializing in financing for alternative energy development. By utilizing government grants and low interest loan programs, utility company rebates, electricity purchase agreements and net-metering the development of large scale, solar, photo-voltaic electricity generation projects can be funded with reduced investment of owner equity.

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